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Advocating for Dunkley

As your voice in Canberra, I regularly call for the Federal government to support local projects and community groups. I do this by giving speeches in the parliament and formally writing to Ministers. I have also met with numerous Ministers, including the Deputy Prime Minister, advocating for local projects and pushing for the government to deliver on their previous announcements.

You will have seen that I also use the parliament to take up national issues raised with me by members of our community and have been pushing the government to introduce important reforms which would have a national and a local impact.

Here’s a brief list of some of those local projects:


Previously announced funding

Baxter Rail

In 2017, the federal government announced $225 million towards extending the Frankston Metro line to Baxter.

During the 2019 election campaign, the Liberals said they were 'building' the rail line to Baxter. Disappointingly, we are now in the second half of 2021 and nothing has been built.

After receiving the State government prepared business case in October 2019 the Federal government did nothing, not even releasing it until November 2020. 

The business case estimates the cost of electrifying the Frankston line to Baxter at between $1.3 and $1.5 billion - this shows a funding shortfall of approximately $1.25 billion. The project also has a benefit-cost ratio of $0.47.

The federal government has now announced that they want another business case.

I have had meetings with Minister Tudge and Deputy Prime Minister McCormack and spoken in parliament about progressing the project. Recently, I wrote to the new responsible Minister, Paul Fletcher, asking if the federal government has approached the state government to undertake another business case. 

The federal government says they’re still committed to upgrading the rail from Frankston to Baxter. Their proposed next step is to complete another business case to look at staged options. Bizarrely as of last month, the federal government has not asked the state government to complete a further business case.

I will continue to fight to make sure the full $225 million is actually delivered to our community.


Ballarto Road upgrade

In February 2019, the Morrison government announced $30 million to upgrade Ballarto Road in Skye.

Over two years have passed, and nothing has happened.

The significant delay has impacted on the State Government’s timeframes for the intersection upgrade at Ballarto Road and Lyrebird Drive.

I've had meetings with Ministers, spoken in parliament and wrote to the Deputy Prime Minister requesting that the promised funding be fast tracked as part of our economic recovery from COVID-19.

At this stage, the project is still undergoing ‘scoping works’. I am meeting with the Minister next week and will continue fighting to get them to deliver.


Commuter Carparking 

In May 2019, just weeks before the federal election, the Morrison government announced that they would build 600 additional car parks at Frankston Station, 100 at Seaford Station and 100 at Kananook Station.

Two years on from the announcement and we do not have any additional car parking. Commuter parking in  Frankston is an absolute priority.

I have raised this in Parliament, met with Ministers and written to the Morrison government asking them to deliver on their promise.

In this year’s budget, they scrapped both Seaford and Kananook Stations. It was later revealed the Liberals didn’t bother finding a site for either of them before making the announcement.

We now know this was part of theirCarpark Rorts Scheme – but I won’t let them walk away from a promise.

I have scheduled a meeting with the Minister for next week.


On behalf of our community, I’ll keep fighting.



New projects

I have met with the Deputy Prime Minister, written to portfolio Ministers and spoken in the Parliament requesting federal government support for each of the following local projects:


Emil Madsen Reserve

Mornington Peninsula Shire's proposed upgrade of Emil Madsen Reserve in Mount Eliza will allow some of the biggest junior sporting clubs in Victoria grow and further increase participation in local sport.


Mornington Peninsula Bay Trail

The Mornington Peninsula Bay Trail Network is one of the most scenic shared regional trails in Victoria and provides many health and recreational benefits. The Bay Trail Project will connect the 11 missing links including areas with central populations which inhibit a user’s ability to enjoy a continuous and integrated trail.


Nairm Marr Djambana

The proposed upgrade will ensure that buildings are culturally safe and welcoming, accessible, child safe and promote strong connection to culture, community and country.


McClelland Sculpture Park & Gallery

The proposed infrastructure upgrade will establish a new bush kinder, community space and indigenous garden for the over 130,000 annual visitors. I have also lobbied for more support for future exhibitions which will encourage greater patronage as they recover from COVID-19.


Ballam Park Athletics Club redevelopment

Ballam Park Athletics Club requires upgrades in order to be fit-for-purpose.


Community Support Frankston

Additional funding to support the increased demand from the pandemic for emergency relief in the Frankston LGA.


2021 Federal Budget Lobbying