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Let's Upgrade Emil Madsen Reserve - Add Your Name

Emil Madsen Reserve is home to the Mount Eliza Junior Football Club, Mount Eliza Soccer Club, Mount Eliza Football Netball Club and Mount Eliza Cricket Club - some of the biggest sporting clubs in our region.

Almost 2,000 people use Emil Madsen Reserve on a regular basis.

The current facilities are outdated and a barrier to growth - especially for women and girls wanting to play sport.

Mount Eliza deserves a facility that’s high quality and multi-functional. The upgrade of Emil Madsen Reserve should include new and improved pavilions with female-friendly facilities, and better community spaces for all to enjoy.

Over the past few years we have seen major redevelopments of other reserves in our region - now it’s Mount Eliza’s turn.

Add your name and join our call for the federal government to financially support the upgrade of Emil Madsen Reserve.

You can view the Emil Madsen Reserve Masterplan here.