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Fixing the aged care crisis

Peta Murphy MP and Labor will stop the neglect and put security, dignity, quality and humanity back into aged care for older Australians.
Our plan will put nurses back into nursing homes, giving carers more time to care. It will lift wages in the sector, deliver better care and improve transparency and accountability.
Our detailed five-point plan will:

  • Require a registered nurse on site 24/7 in residential care
  • Give carers more time to care through an increase to 215 minutes of direct care a day
  • Formally support a pay rise for aged care workers
  • Require better food for residents
  • Require more transparency in the system so we know taxpayers’ money is going on care

A Message from Peta

I want to acknowledge the hard work, in difficult circumstances, of people across the aged care sector.  We must do better for them and for senior Australians relying on their care.

I also want to thank all the aged care residents and their families, staff and members of our community who shared their personal experiences of Australia’s broken aged care system with me. I have included just some of their accounts below.

For too long, Australians and their families have suffered through an aged care system in crisis – a crisis made worse over the last 9 years of government budget cuts and promotion of competition without regulation.

It led to a Royal Commission report titled ‘Neglect’.

That’s why I am so disappointed the Morrison Government refuses to accept key recommendations of the Royal Commission. These include having a registered nurse on duty at all times, increasing wages of nurses and carers, and implementing a comprehensive workforce plan. 

I couldn't put it any better than a member of our community, who took the time to write to me: “The elderly aren't useless, they are Australians who have paid their taxes, served their country and it’s up to us to protect them at all costs.”

Not all aged care residences are the same. But we must fix the crisis in the system.

We need proper funding, real regulation and control, minimum staffing levels, and to ensure residents and staff get access to the vaccine and best possible health care urgently.

As your federal member of parliament, I promise to continue raising this in Canberra to ensure that all Australians get the support, dignity and respect they deserve in aged care. 


Aged care feedback

“Working in the health care industry I know that this country’s government is not funding proper quality care, ensuring sufficient staff and the regulations required for an adequate aged care system.”

“I work in aged care. We are over worked, underpaid and not enough staff/resident ratio. Cost cutting that can put residents at risk and staff being encouraged not to write up reports. We need more staff to be able to raise the level of care.”

“Both my parents went through the aged care system and while I can only praise the staff, they were run off their feet. It’s a job that only special people can do and they deserve to be paid accordingly and the ratios need to be drastically looked into.”

“Whilst the staff are dedicated, the facility was definitely understaffed. With limited mobility, my father’s dignity was affected due to not having available staff to assist with toileting.”

“I have seen an elderly woman tied to a chair in an aged care home, which I found very disappointing.”

“Residential aged care remains a place most of us fear living in.”

“My mum and husband were in aged care I thought they should of had better care.”

“The current system has not kept people safe across this pandemic, but worse, it has isolated our older members and not allowed them links with those they love. The insecure employment favoured in this sector is not good for employees or residents who are often cared for by agency casuals.”

“Improvements are necessary including ensuring all staff & residents are fully vaccinated against COVID as l know l have spoken to staff who have not yet been vaccinated.”

“While there are many good aged care facilities, the poor governance of the federal aged care regulations allows profit ahead of quality.”

“Not good enough, the government should take up the Royal Commission’s suggestions.”

“Getting mushy tasteless food instead of a proper hearty meal… needs to be more transparency on running costs & profits.”