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02 November 2022






The Albanese Government has delivered its first Budget, which is responsible, right for the times, and begins to build a better future.


It’s no secret that we are going through difficult economic times. Cost of living pressures- whether it’s food, electricity or rent- are affecting so many households right across the Mornington Peninsula.


That’s why the Albanese Labor Government’s Budget has a plan for responsible cost of living measures, such as cheaper child care for approximately 96% of families, expanding Paid Parental Leave to six months by 2026, cheaper medicines, more affordable housing and a plan to get wages moving again.


We also know that we must invest in areas that build strength and resilience in the economy. That’s why we have investments in fee-free TAFE, improving the NBN and investing in cheaper, cleaner energy as part of this Budget.


In addition to investment, my colleagues have put in a lot of work to repairing the Budget. This includes access to more affordable health care, securing the National Disability Insurance Scheme and putting an end to the Coalition’s rorts and wasteful spending.


Aged Care is one of the biggest concerns raised to me by local across the Dunkley electorate. My office received hundreds of emails and petitions in the lead up to the federal election calling for more respect for our older Australians.


I am pleased to see that the recent Budget also announced the first steps to deliver on reforms to ensure our older Australians in care are treated with the respect they deserve. The $3.9 billion package includes mandated care minutes, access to better food, increasing the workforce and supporting wage increases for aged care workers.


The Albanese Government has already passed legislation requiring aged care home to have around-the-clock nursing care, which was a key election commitment.


I am also proud to be delivering on the election commitments made to the Mount Eliza community.


Funding has been delivered in the Budget for the long-awaited redevelopment of Emil Madsen Reserve in Mount Eliza. This will provide local clubs with the facilities they deserve and better public spaces for the community.


Education in Mount Eliza will also get a boost, with Mount Eliza Secondary College receiving $1.5 million to upgrade its science rooms. The new Science, Technology and Creativity Innovations Centre for Excellence will not only benefit students from the College, but local primary schools will also have access to the new Centre.


I also note Labor’s Candidate for Mornington Georgia Fowler recently announced that a re-elected Andrews Labor Government will provide $11.7 million for upgrades to Mount Eliza North Primary School.


Residents along the Mornington Peninsula will benefit from this Budget- whether its our responsible cost of living measures or investment in local education and infrastructure.


In summary, I will quote the words from the Treasurer Jim Chalmers. ‘And so that’s what our Budget is. Responsible, not reckless. Restraint on the fiscal side, and resilience on the economic side. Right for the time, and ready for the future’.