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Rewiring the Nation

Rewiring the Nation will unlock Australia’s renewable energy future.

Labor’s Rewiring the Nation initiative will deliver a modern electricity grid at lowest cost, with more jobs and investment, and lower pollution.

Australia’s energy transmission system isn’t up to the job of connecting cheap renewable energy to the energy network. We need a clear plan to help guide investment in the energy grid we need.  That’s why state and federal governments asked the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to come up with a national transmission investment plan, the Integrated System Plan (ISP).

AEMO’s plan provides the roadmap to a modern grid that will unlock Australia’s world-leading renewable energy resources and drive cheaper energy prices. AEMO estimates that the ISP will deliver up to $40.7 billion of net market benefits.

Even though AEMO’s plan has the support of industry and all governments, the Morrison Government does not have a plan to deliver it at lowest cost, by Australian workers using Australian supplies.

Labor will establish the $20 billion Rewiring the Nation Corporation to partner with industry to build the energy transmission system that Australia needs at lowest cost to consumers.

The Rewiring the Nation Corporation will:

  • work in partnership with transmission companies, providing low-cost finance to lower the cost of building the ISP and lowering the energy bills of families and businesses
  • require that Australian workers and supplies such as Australian steel are used, consistent with Australia’s trade obligations.

Only an Albanese Labor Government will build the electricity grid we need for the 21st century, delivering lower cost electricity and more Australian jobs.