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Secure, Well-paid Jobs so you can Plan for the Future. 

Secure, well-paid work is an unshakeable principle for Labor and is at the heart of our Secure Australian Jobs Plan.

We know that a job is about more than a wage. It’s about a sense of dignity, pride and connection.

That’s why we are focused on good-paying, stable jobs. Jobs you can raise a family on.

Jobs that give you a sense of security – that the rug won’t be ripped out from under you by a rotten employer or a gig economy that promises so much and delivers so little.

Those ideas are the driving force behind our Secure Australian Jobs Plan, which will create jobs in growing industries, like renewables, pharmaceuticals, advancement manufacturing and the care economy.

And just as importantly, the Secure Australian Jobs Plan will ensure workers have real protections and good benefits as we move toward our goal of full employment.